Our Mission

Our Mission - To produce dramatic and documentary projects that reveal truths, insights and indelible images that enhance the human condition. Gotham dramatic projects are developed with supreme characters in great stories that reflect a triumph to the human spirit. Documentaries and docu-drama projects are selected by means of an “Entertain and Enlighten” philosophy. Our initial criteria is to pursue subject matter enhancing Spirit, Mind and Body. Our intentions are to reflect insights, dispel ignorance by spotlighting truth and promote growth by offering solutions.

Gotham is believed to be the first traditional entertainment company to introduce a new theatrical talent formula. Introducing, the " New A-List”. Gotham has branded a new "A-List” for theatrical leverage by casting stellar modern culture celebrities and spiritual leaders in their true persona. This ‘cross-over’ placement of mega-selling author/public speakers to docu-drama theatrical venues is a new phenomenon in theatrical box office draw.

Gotham produces content in all media from feature films and television to on line and digital formats. The Company is set to utilize emerging digital technology and New-Media in a strategic, supportive role for its theatrical productions, the first of a new breed of entertainment company.