In Production


Rare in the motion picture business are producers with creative soul, smart business acumen and historical experience. Gotham Metro Studios Inc. (GMS) is a conscious family of culturally creative experts who believe the high road is the only road worth traveling. Entertainment that can inspire lives, promote the triumph of the human spirit and achieve financial success paves the route to Gotham Metro’s future. The GMS team of independent film creators will develop and produce films, be self-empowered via web-media distribution and promotion while spearheading the exclusive creation of ‘Enlightened Entertainment’. Gotham Metro Studios has developed a slate of films with a value and conscious based philosophy referred to as “E&E”. Three divisions under the E&E banner include-

“Enlighten & Entertain”

“Educate & Elevate”

“Eat & Evolve”

Dramatic motion pictures, docu-dramas and documentary projects will illustrate solution-based content for serious matters addressing the world in the 21st century. The quality of life in all aspects of our health- mental, spiritual and physical will be the focal point of Gotham’s subject matters. Films that educate from a basis of fact and truth while being highly entertaining and original in their presentations. We intend to elevate consciousness and evoke an evolution in awareness with cutting edge insights from Living Luminaries using advanced learning technology in our filmmaking delivery. 

Educate, elevate, enlighten and entertain. Films for the future of a conscious community.